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Spirit Rescue Paranormal​

Spirit Rescue was founded in 1981 by Robin Selene, a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Ordained Minister with nearly 40 years of experience communicating with both Earth-Bound Spirits and Spirits from the Higher Realm including Archangels and Ascended Masters. Robin has extensive experience with paranormal investigations, spirit rescues, channeling, psychic and mediumship readings and much much more!  

Spirit Rescue doesn't charge hundreds of dollars for a Remote Cleansing, the service is included in the Spirit Rescue Home Protection and Cleansing Kits available online at for only $33.33 for the Basic Kit and $55.55 for theLightworker Kit

We work with God's Higher Realm to free your family or business from the negativity by releasing the spirit from its earthly bonds and bringing positivity back into your life.