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Do you have an unwanted spirit (ghost) in your home or business?   
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Spirit Rescue was founded in 1981 by Robin Selene, a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Ordained Minister with over 30 years experience communicating with both Earth-Bound Spirits and Spirits from the Higher Realm including Archangels and Ascended Masters. Robin has extensive experience with paranormal investigations, spirit rescues, channeling, psychic and mediumship readings and much much more!  

Spirit Rescue doesn't charge hundreds of dollars for a Remote Cleansing, the service is included in the Spirit Rescue Home Protection and Cleansing Kits available online at GaiaSpirits.com 

We work with God's Higher Realm to free your family or business from the negativity by releasing the spirit from its earthly bonds and bringing positivity back into your life.

Donations are always appreciated, but never required to help support this website, equipment, and gasoline to drive to your location.


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Got to say. WOW! Thank you...I definitely got zapped! Had Reiki done on me numerous times and it kicks your a** after a few hours. With your session, I slept for 13 hours. Woke up a 11AM- which unheard of. Had to PULL myself out of bed to start my day. I feel balanced. Been in a tough relationship that I'm getting out of, and can feel that my heart chakra is normal..Finally. Just feel good. Thank you!!!!
A few days later, another message... I want to thank you again for my cleansing! My world has so much changed. I am so clear now. I feel centered and balanced! Thank you.
K in Florida


Dear Robin
I want to thank you for coming to our home; it was a real experience that I will never forget. As we walked room to room and you talking to the spirits in my home and relaying everything that was said I'm still in awe over everything that happened. I think that the most disturbing spirit to me was the little girl that had drowned off the pier. Then the man who was the original owner of our house. To think he did not know that he was dead and that we were the intruders in his home, thank you for making him understand he was the one who was dead. As you remember there was a women who was attached to me, she didn't want to leave because she said I would be lonely without her, and how we had to tell her together to cross over that it was time for her to go home. I just want to say it did affect me at first but now everything is just fine. I still am astonished that we had 9 spirits in this home. I enjoyed talking to my mother thank you so much for that, as for the house I have never felt the calm peacefulness that I have felt since you came into my home. I still experience different smells that do remind me of family members and a few that don't, but I can live with that. You are a wonderful person and I am so glad you came into our lives and I hope to keep you as a friend forever.

Thank you
(Names withheld to protect the clients)


Thank you so much Robin to you and your group, meeting with you all was such an incredible experience. All the information you gave was right on except for one minor little detail that I thought was a bit odd, you brought up something about a rubber duckie. I thought oh well, I’ll just dismiss that comment, I’m positive that wasn’t meant for me. Until I went to Wal-mart the following day & on my way out sat a rubber duckie in my path. No one else was around maybe a child had dropped it on their way out. BUT what are the odds, it was there for me, a rubber duckie just as Robin had spoke of the day before. I was so excited I called my mom and sister right away to tell them the news. It was just another confirmation for me.


Dear, Dear Robin, I cannot think of the words to describe how truly thankful I am for your service to our home. Both spirits are gone and the house is finally at peace. There are no steps and falls occurring in the attic, the photos are not turned over and no closet doors are left open. There is a fresh smell all over the home and the atmosphere is delightful. The dogs no longer wake us up at all hours of the night and sleep peacefully. Of course, we are allowed to rest as well Admittedly, I was somewhat skeptical that anything could be done to rid the home of the visitors. Never will I or my husband doubt again. If you ever need helpers to review data or assist with set up or anything else, we are indebted to you and willingly offer our services to your group. It is the Lord's mission that you provide and I refer you to all I know with bothersome ghosts. Your devoted friend


Spirit Rescue has made such an impact on me, my family, my staff and my business. We were having many problems with “something” that was in our business location. Ever since we moved in it was powerful, annoying and we could tell it was becoming a detriment. After Spirit Rescue came out and did a thorough investigation, it was determined that there were 5 spirits there. SR was able to help all of them “crossover” and ever since then it has been completely different. It has been calm, enjoyable and profitable. Before Spirit Rescue came out, for 2 and a half years we had such unrest, conflict and little profitability. Since SR has been out it has been phenomenal. Peace and profitability is now what we have and it is GREAT!

Thank you so much to Robin and her team!


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